Zmile Club and Rewards
Member Privileges
Earn Zmiles within 120 days to upgrade in Zmile Club and enjoy year-round privileges. Membership is valid for 120 days.
Standard Member + 150 Zmiles
$50 Level-up Reward
$25 Instant Discount +
25 Z-Dollar Rebate
Birthday Reward
X 2 Redemption Quota
Coupon x 1, Trial Product x 1
Zmiles on Zmile Day
Silver Member + 250 Zmiles
$50 Level-up Reward
$25 Instant Discount +
25 Z-Dollar Rebate
Birthday Reward
X 4 Redemption Quota
Coupons x 2, Trial Product x 1
Event x 1
Zmiles on Zmile Day
Gold Member + 400 Zmiles
$100 Level-up Reward
$50 Instant Discount +
50 Z-Dollar Rebate
Birthday Reward
X 6 Redemption Quota
Coupons x 2, Trial Products x 2
Events x 2
Extra 2%
Z-Dollar rebate and
2X Zmiles on Zmile Day
Rewards Redemption
All types of rewards waiting for you to redeem! Join events for free, try out our hero products and redeem instant discount coupons!
Smart Tricks to Earn Zmiles Fast
Shop and Earn 1.5X Zmile on Zmile Day
On the second and fourth weekend of each month (Friday to Sunday)
Purchase selected products
Purchase products with Zmile reward
Shop again within certain period
Shop again within 10 days, 15 days, 20 days, 25 days, or purchase over $3,000 each month to earn extra Zmiles
Start Shopping to Earn Zmiles!
Zmile Club Terms & Conditions
  1. "Zmile Club Member" is Silver, Gold and Platinum Member of Zmile Club.
  2. "Zmile" is the point earning of Zmile Club, which can be used for membership tier upgrade.
Membership Tier
  1. Member must be upgraded / downgraded tier by tier.
  2. Membership tier is valid for 120 days only, or your account will be downgraded.
  3. Membership upgrade/ downgrade is automatically handled by system and based on user account's accumulated Zmiles. Member cannot choose to be upgraded or not to be downgraded.
  4. Zmiles will be deducted immediately after upgrade/ downgrade.
  1. You can earn Zmiles when purchasing with a designated amount. The Zmiles earned may vary, subjected to different promotions.
  2. Zmile calculation is based on total sales amount before discount and excludes delivery fees.
  3. Zmile is valid for 120 days only.
  4. Zmiles are non-transferable, non-divisible and Zmiles stored in different accounts cannot be used in combination.
  5. For any purchase on Ztore, a Zmile Club Member must log into his or her membership account to obtain the rewards & Zmiles.
  6. Zmiles will be rounded-up to the nearest integer.
  7. Zmiles will be reflected on “Zmile and Z-Dollar History” after order confirmation.
  8. Zmile earning is applicable if you are redirected from referral or affiliate sites, but Platinum-member-exclusive 2% Z-Dollar rebate on Zmile Day is not applicable.
  9. Zmile is neither redeemable for cash nor Z-Dollar.
  10. Zmile records of Ztore shall prevail. Ztore will not accept any claim of missing Zmile after transaction.
  11. If an order is voided, Zmiles earned in the order will be deducted.
  12. Zmiles will not be deducted if products are returned or refunded due to damage or quality issue.
Member privileges and events
  1. Level-up reward is valid for 120 days only.
  2. Level-up reward is available during upgrade or renewal.
  3. Level-up reward, birthday reward, coupon and event quota are neither cancellable nor redeemable for cash / Z-Dollar.
  4. Member must provide birthday information to receive birthday reward.
  5. Birthday reward is issued according to membership tier on the 1st day of your birthday month.
  6. Birthday reward is effective from the date of issue until the last day of the birthday month. You can only use one birthday reward in your birthday month.
  7. Event quota is limited. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Once confirmed, there is no cancellation.
  8. You have to check out the redeemed trial product with an order within 14 days after successful redemption.
  9. Member privileges and rewards cannot be shared with other accounts.
  1. Reminders of member benefits and promotions will be sent to members via email, SMS, WhatsApp or Ztore website notification. Members should provide valid email address and mobile phone number to avoid missing out on important notices.
  2. Ztore is not responsible for any case of undelivered email messages or notifications.
  3. Ztore is not responsible for any loss of Zmiles due to technological or system problems.
  4. Ztore has the absolute discretion to refuse and/or revoke the registration of any applicant and to terminate and/or cancel the registration of such applicant for any reason whatsoever. In the event a membership is terminated by us for any reason(s), related Zmiles will also be forfeited immediately.
  5. All amount will be calculated in Hong Kong Dollar ($).
  6. Should any dispute arise, the decision of Ztore HK Limited shall be final.
  7. In case of discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall apply and prevail.

    If you have any comment of Zmile Club, please feel free to email to or WhatsApp (852) 5282-8547.