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AboutTai Po Chun Hing was founded in 1967 by Mr Chan Nam-fui of Chaoyang, Shantou. Upon arriving in Hong Kong in the 1950s, Chan set sail for his own manufacturing and wholesale business, beginning with traditional pounded beef in a cottage within the Kowloon Walled City. Authentic, natural, and healthy produce with a generous helping of service: these were the promises that Chan held to himself, and strict demands on food standards have been in place since day one. The only ingredients were whole shins and legs of beef, gutted cuttlefish, ham hock and other premium cuts, without a trace of fillers such as mince or offal. Whereas other brands blithely take to additives and chemicals for that extra bite or profit, Chun Hing's founder relied on experience and traditional handicraft in his insistence on real flavour and all-natural healthiness. Precision temperature-controlled techniques seal in the natural bite, flavour and juices, and meat produce doesn't get any more honest than this genuine article. As the half-century mark nears, Tai Po Chun Hing stands firm as a trusted and recommended supplier amongst its customers and partners, with its three cast-iron pledges of authentic, natural, and healthy produce. The company continues to cater to Hong Kongers with unwavering service from the heart.
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