SENKI - SK-K01 Heater - Blue - PC
SENKI - SK-K01 Heater - Blue - PC
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SK-K01 Heater - Blue PC

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Smart touch, shake head around 60°
60° wide-angle up and down air supply, wide range of air supply
Three levels of temperature adjustment: high hot air, low hot air, natural wind
PTC ceramic heating element, rapid heating
Overheat protection, automatic shutdown when >80°C
Dump power off, use more at ease
Thermal insulation design, the body is comfortable and not hot
No light and low noise, keep constant temperature
Input voltage: AC220V~
Power: 1200W
Shake your head left and right: 60°
Air supply up and down: 60°
Product size: 250×197×223mm

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SENKI - SK-K01 Heater - Blue - PC
SENKI SK-K01 Heater - Blue PC
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