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New Zealand
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"Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business."

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Broken Heart ―  Broken Heart Gin 40% alc. 200ml

IWSC Silver 2016
IWSC Silver 2017

The story of Broken Heart Gin begins with two Germans living in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, Joerg was a pilot and Bernd an engineer. Both philosophers and committed Master Distillers, they formed their friendship around a still and a passion for perfecting spirits of rare complexity and fine flavours.  Those were the glory days and nothing captured the flavour of that time better than the inspiration Bernd and Joerg shared to create a superb gin – an intricate balance of eleven botanicals and surprisingly good with a twist of orange. It became a ritual, one a day at dusk, as day tuned to night, the taste of the time of in-between.  But life is no straight line. Bernd fell gravely ill, fought bravely, then sadly died. Where once had been a life that felt like it would go on forever, now were broken hearts. As Joerg travelled down the healing road, he realised that as much as a broken heart hurts, it’s also a space to be filled with new beginnings. Like a gin at dusk, a moment of in-between. And so he decided to share the superb gin with the world and to call it Broken Heart for him.  
When exploring the components which contribute to flavour profiles, the water is a oft neglected element. At Broken Heart, we only use the finest glacial water from Queenstown. This gives our gin a level of fresh crispness which acts as a refreshing canvas for our botanicals to shine through.  
Without Juniper berries, it wouldn’ t begin of course! These days though, it’s hard to find a gin with a good juniper lead. We’ve made sure that our juniper presence is strong, so much so, that it translates to pine notes on the nose, emanating the winter-time Otago landscape.  
A quintessential feature of kiwi life is fresh hearty produce and good beer. By combining Angelica Root with Nelson grown hops and malt, we’ve paid homage to a robust, wholesome and earthy way of life. We really have aimed to create Middle Earth in a glass!  
There are a few other botanicals in this category that we like to keep a mystery (after all, a magician never reveals its secrets!). What we will tell you is that the Pimento and ginger work together as core drivers to the spice flavours which come through on the palate. It balances the earthy flavours by giving it more oomph without dominating the overall profile.  
Abundant in New Zealand’s South Island is wild-grown lavender. Its place in the gin is central to its flavour profile: it flirts with the palate by balancing the robust flavours with something far more delicate...  
Broken Heart Vodka was awarded a Silver Outstanding Quality Awards from International Wine Spirit Competition 2015.  Berlin International Spirits Competition presented Broken Heart Spirits with New Zealand Distillery of the Year for 2016, also Sliver Winner 2016 for their Broken Heart Gin!  

Tasting Notes
Richard Poole –
"Fine Wine Delivery Company NZ-The gin itself is simply gorgeous with lovely fresh floral nose, hints of rosemary, citrus and lemon on the palate. Gorgeously crisp and pure, itslike the Southern Alps distilled into a bottle."
Paddy Woodman –
"The Liquor Store Dunedin-I thought it was great. I just drank it neat then with a little addition of water. Nice upfront flavorful burst of citrus, orange, lemon in particular, then you get the juniper and herbal flavors, soft and slightly sweet. In the finish its creamy and buttery. It is very well balanced and rounded, making it a delight to sip. Its darn good, the craft and flavor is easily explained to customersJules.
Van Cruysen –
"Wine and Spirits writer-It is an excellent gin. Very focused, long and refreshing with the aromatics focused on the juniper rather than overwhelming it."
Yvonne Marie Lorkin –
"Wine and Spirits writer-Just loved it –very smooth with loads of characterAustria Distillatta Tasting panel-Smooth, elegant, aromatic and well balanced."
Elle Armon-Jones –
"The big Foodie, Auckland-I am a huge gin fan at the best of times, yours made me want to fly to the mountains and take in the views. The story behind the gin makes it all the more special and I will do everything I can to promote it up here and with our tour groups."
- The Gin Queen Australia –
"On tasting, there is a welcome hit of juniper on the nose and palate, with coriander and citrus also coming through, ending with a hint of liquorice. It’s a fresh, cleangin and verywell balanced. Broken Heart Gin recommend serving with a slice of orange, but it stood up well in my Monday Negroni!Tim Hooson-Being a gin aficionado, I found Broken Heart by sheer chance whilst roaming Central Otago. It was simply the most beautiful nectar ... there are very few gins that can be consumed straight, with a twist of orange, I rave about it to my friends."

Purchase of intoxicating liquor (contain 1.2% ethyl alcohol by volume) is limited to customers over the age of 18.

***請理性飲酒 Please drink responsibly

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