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Drink & Go is our best selling product in Hong Kong
The convenience of our ready-to-drink protein shake combined with its amazing taste, have made ANS Drink & Go an instant hit in the Hong Kong market.
ANS Drink & Go separates itself from competitor brands with its excellent nutritional profile, fantastic natural taste and unique blend of top quality Australian ingredients.
These features have made ANS Drink & Go the choice of some of Hong Kong’s top gyms and studios, such as Pure, Epic MMA and Studio Fitness.
Nutritional Features
Green tea – A powerful antioxidant, this ingredient also helps to boost metabolism and accelerate fat loss.
Dietary Fiber – Inulin is added to improve digestive health but also helps to make ANS Drink & Go a more filling and satisfying snack.
Premium Cocoa (chocolate flavour) – whilst added to provide a natural chocolate flavour, cocoa also has antioxidant properties.
Real Coffee (coffee flavour) – again added for a natural flavour boost, coffee also helps to increase metabolism and energy levels. This makes Drink & Coffee the perfect choice after a morning workout.
Whey Protein – The gold standard of post workout protein, many competitor brands choose cheaper alternatives such as milk proteins. However, research shows whey protein to produce superior results every time.
Vitamins and Minerals – A tailor made blend of micronutrients for those with a busy and active lifestyle. Added to accelerate recovery and support the immune system.
No added sugar – This is central to our philosophy at ANS, we ensure that all our products are low in sugar and as healthy and natural as possible.
Additional Benefits of ANS Drink & Go
A massive 30g of protein per serving
Convenient low carbohydrate snack
Perfect choice post-workout or as a meal replacement
Product Details
Currently Available in Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla, Banana and Berries flavours.
Sold in boxes of 12 X 375ml bottles.

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