Citracium - Blood Vessel Health - 60'S
Citracium - Blood Vessel Health - 60'S

Blood Vessel Health 60'S

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Product Details

Citracium Blood Vessel Health - Cleanse your blood vessel, Take effect in 1 hour*!
Made in Japan.
Helps to remove waste from blood vessels, maintain healthy blood vessels, reduce blood viscosity, , improve "three-high" problems, protect cardiovascular health and improve numbness of hands and feet.

Bacillopeptidase F
2nd Generation “Nattokinase”
Originated from “Natto” , a traditional Japanese food made from soybean.
Compared with other natto-derived supplement, “Bacillopeptidase F” (Active ingredient of Citracium Blood Vessel Health) has an anticoagulant effect with 100 times higher in human blood.**。

1. Japan Patent registered active ingredient***
2. Anticoagulant effect
3. Blood viscosity-decreasing effect**
4. Thrombolytic effect
5. Suitable for chitin allergic individual
6. Lactose free
7. Gluten free
8. Preservative free
9. Flavor free

Suitable For:
People concerned about:
- Cardiovascular health
- Cholesterol
- Blood pressure
- Blood sugar Level
Lack of exercise, obese people
People with poor blood circulation

Directions for use:
Adults: Take 2 tablet daily or as recommended by your physical or pharmacist.

Purified filtrate of Bacillus subtilis var. natto culture (soy bean derived), Maltodextrin / Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sucrose esters of fatty acids, Silicon dioxide, Shellac

*Journal of Pharmacological Sciences 2005; 99:247-251
**Hitosugi M., et al.: Anticoagulant and fibrinolytic effects of functional food materials produced by Bacillus subtilis, natto, The 54th Study Meeting of Rheonology 2006, Japan
***Japan Patent Registration No. 3532503

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Citracium - Blood Vessel Health - 60'S
Citracium Blood Vessel Health 60'S
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