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【Main ingredients】 Ester ester carboxylic acid ester Isopropylmethylphenol Sugarcane extract etc.
[Shelf life] five years
[Scope of use] used to clean household products, clothing, dolls, carpets, sofas, etc.
Japan imported - UYIKE in addition to scorpion spray, is a product that does not contain pesticides and has a deodorizing function.
Natural and safe, zero pollution and zero stimulation, baby pregnant pets are also available.
It can effectively remove dead corners such as sofa corners, toys, and beds.
Without restrictions, gently spray for 30 days
Gently shake the container
open the lid
Usage: Spray 10 times per square meter (single bed size about 20 times) The effect lasts for about 1 month
Easy-to-discolor (new tatami mat or cloth products, etc.), easy-to-shrink water (silk rayon, etc.), non-washable products, please try again in the obvious place and confirm it before use.
When using, please pay attention to ventilation, avoid inhalation or mistaken eyes.
Do not spray a lot in the same place and it may cause blemishes.
When spraying on tatami mats or carpets, wait until it is completely dry before walking on it.

Keep in a place where children cannot touch.

Do not place in a place that is prone to freezing or high temperature

Emergency treatment: In case of accidental drinking, drink water immediately. Into the eyes, please wash immediately with water. When the body feels abnormal, please stop using it. In either case, consult your doctor about this product.

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