SVELTY - 33 kind of Lactic Acid Bacteria Smart Super - 30'S
SVELTY - 33 kind of Lactic Acid Bacteria Smart Super - 30'S
SVELTY - 33 kind of Lactic Acid Bacteria Smart Super - 30'S

33 kind of Lactic Acid Bacteria Smart Super 30'S

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Product Details

Slimming bacteria that lighten the body!
Duocap technology in Japan, intestinal fat-eliminating power increased by 400%!
Japan's first slimming product using the latest double capsules! Using the latest technology to combine probiotics and prebiotic sources into synbiotics, the activity of lean bacteria is 400% UP! Greatly improve the activity and various effects of bacteria!
Japan's first double capsule mechanism: The outer capsule uses a formula of oligosaccharides and glycerin to protect the lean bacteria in the inner capsule and provide nutrients to maintain the activity of the bacteria!

Each inner capsule contains 33 kinds of special slimming bacteria, which can simultaneously reduce belly and waist, beautify skin and remove toxins from the body + stool!
Newly added bacteria 1: NTM048 bacteria, clinically proven to increase intestinal lean bacteria and reduce the number of fat bacteria to nearly zero at the same time!
New Additional Bacteria 2: The newly discovered weight loss bacteria in Japan [Zanghua Lactobacillus LTK-1], the test continued to lose weight by taking it every day!
New addition bacteria 3: Shougu kushi, which is formulated with 3 types of koji bacteria and 9 types of grains, can greatly increase the intestinal lactic acid bacteria by 2.5 times and bifidobacteria by 1.6 times, making it easy to build a lean body!
Together with EC12 bacteria, B3 bacteria, Smart bacteria and up to 30 types of special slimming bacteria, it creates an easy-to-lean intestinal environment, and loses weight and fat in one go. The physique changes from fat to fat!

Recommended person:
1. People with poor digestion
2. People with constipation
3. Sedentary office workers

✦How to eat
Take 1 capsule once a day with warm water and before going to bed.

- Please confirm the ingredients and do not take it if you have any food allergies.
- Please stop taking if you feel abnormal.
- If you feel uncomfortable after use, please stop using it and consult a professional doctor.
- Do not place in extremely hot or cold places, places exposed to direct sunlight.
- Please keep out of reach of children.
- Do not place in places where the sun hits or high temperatures.
- Please be careful about fire.

✦Capacity: 30 Capsules

✦Origin: Japan
(Parallel Imports Product)

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4.6 123 Reviews
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SVELTY - 33 kind of Lactic Acid Bacteria Smart Super - 30'S
SVELTY 33 kind of Lactic Acid Bacteria Smart Super 30'S
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