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Free delivery for self pick-up
with no minimum spending requirement

Once an order is confirmed, it cannot be modified, cancelled or refunded, changing 1st choice or backup pick-up point is not allowed.

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Self Pick-up Arrangement

Orders will generally arrive within 4-7 working days.

Once the order has arrived at the designated pick-up point, you should receive a pick-up notification; pick-up code is included. Please pick up your order within the pick-up period.

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
Day of Order ArrivalAvailable for Pick-upLast Day for Free Pick-up1 Day Overdue2 Days OverdueUnavailable for Pick-up (Expired)
Pick-up PeriodFreeLate ($10/piece)
Free Pick-up Period
The following two business days (Day 1 & 2 of Order Arrival) upon receipt of the pick-up notification
Late Pick-up Period
The next two business days (Day 3 & 4 of Order Arrival) following the Free Pick-up Period, with an additional fee($10) per piece per day for late pick-up depending on the packaging size.
Should the customer fail to pick up the order within the Free Pick-up Period due to personal reasons, the pick-up point reserves the right to charge an additional late pick-up fee (starting from Day 3 of Order Arrival) to the customer, or decline pick-up if otherwise. Any unclaimed orders after the Late Pick-up Period (Day 5 of Order Arrival) will expire and no longer available for pick-up without further notice. Cancellation or refund will not be accepted.
Receive Pick-up Notification From Ztore
Head to the Designated Pick-up Point and Present Your Pick-up Code
Collect Order(s) and Check Before Leaving

Become a self pick-up point

Make good use of the idle space in the shop, and the process of picking up the goods in the neighborhood only takes dozens of seconds! Be the closest pick-up point to your home or work to:

Bring the crowd,
convert new customers into customers
Through the pickup service fee,
add extra income
Increase communication with neighbors,
build friendship and mutual trust with neighbors
Basic requirements for cooperative delivery points:
Minimum 5-10 feet of storage space
Provide fixed pickup time from Monday to Friday and several hours
Manual handling of ordering and pickup
Clean and tidy, air-conditioned
Become a self pick-up point
No need to sign a death contract, flexible cooperation period

Terms and Conditions

  1. Free self pick-up service has no minimum spending requirement.
  2. Self pick-up service is not applicable during sale or in conjunction with any special promotion.
  3. Once an order is confirmed, it cannot be modified, cancelled or refunded, changing 1st choice or backup pick-up point is not allowed.
  4. An order can be delivered to one pick-up point only; combining orders is not available.
  5. An order is generally shipped according to the order sequence within 4-7 working days (except outlying islands and certain areas); the actual time of arrival may vary due to adverse weather conditions or any unexpected circumstances. Please refer to the pick-up notification.
  6. Once the order has arrived at the designated pick-up point, a pick-up notification will be sent to the contact number provided during checkout. The customer is fully responsible for providing the correct contact details; Ztore HK Limited shall not be held liable for message delivery failure incurred by customer’s input error.
  7. An order is available for free pick-up within 2 days from when the customer receives the pick-up notification via SMS (also known as Free Pick-up Period). An additional fee may be charged to the customer and collected by the pick-up point for any order being picked up within the next 2 days after the Free Pick-up Period (also known as Late Pick-up Period). *Day will be counted towards the Free Pick-up or Late Pick-up Period only when the pick-up point is in operation for the self pick-up service.
  8. An order must be picked up within 4 days after receipt of the pick-up notification; any unclaimed order will be cancelled and discarded without further notice.
  9. Anyone picking up an order must present the pick-up code of the pick-up notification. Please make sure that you have picked up the correct order before leaving the pick-up point.
  10. Pick-up hours may vary by pick-up point; the information on this website shall prevail.
  11. Self pick-up service will be suspended when a Typhoon Signal or Red/Black Rainstorm Warning has been issued by the Hong Kong Observatory, or under other weather conditions deemed unsafe. This day will not be counted towards the Free Pick-up or Late Pick-up Period.
  12. Should any dispute arise, the decision of Ztore HK Limited shall be final.
  13. Should you have any enquiries, please contact our Customer Service Department through phone call (852) 2154 3800, WhatsApp (852) 5336-0757 (Support text message only) or email [email protected].