Locker locations

Find your nearest locker and enjoy the convenience!

Any orders fulfilling the following conditions
are eligible for our FREE locker pick-up service

Total product
weight <12kg

Total product
size <100%

Order amount
*Please refer to the respective product pages for weight and size information

Using the Locker Pick-up Service

Select products eligible
for locker pick-up on Ztore
Ensure the order fulfills
all requirements
Select “Locker pick-up”
Select the preferred locker
Confirm the order
SMS confirmation

Pick Up Period

Pick Up Notice:
You will receive an SMS/SFHK App notification containing the locker password
Pick up period after receiving SMS/SFHK App notification:
SF Lockers – within 48 hours
(First 24 hours is free of charge, you are subjected to a service charge of HKD 10 for every 24-hour delay. Order will be cancelled if it is not picked up within 48 hours)

How to pick up

Receive an SMS
with the password
Enter Password
The locker will
open automatically
Pick up your order
and close locker

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Orders over $190 before using promotion code that meet the above requirements can enjoy free locker pickup service (single locker only). For orders under HK$190 before using promotion code, a delivery charge of HK$25 per each order shall apply.
  2. Every order can be delivered to a single locker only. If the parcel is too large to fit inside a locker, SF Express will deliver the parcel to SF Store near by.
  3. Locker pickup order cannot be modified(including changing delivery method or locker location), canceled, or refunded. Each locker can only accommodate one order. Hence, order merging is not available for locker orders.
  4. After confirmation, locker pick up orders are delivered one after another. Arrival time could vary between situations.
  5. Pickup password will be sent to the phone number provided during order confirmation only. Ztore is not responsible for any problem incurred by input error from customers.
  6. You can pick up your order within 48 hours for SF Lockers or SF Stores after receiving an SMS / SFHK App notification containing the locker's password. The first 24 hours is free of charge. You are subjected to a service charge of HKD 10 for every 24-hour delay, payable to SF Express upon collection. All collected service charge will be fully donated for charitable purpose without any cost deduction. Any unclaimed orders delivered to SF Locker or SF Stores after 48 hours will be expired and collection of parcels will not be available without further notice. Cancellation or refund will not be accepted.
  7. Some lockers are only accessible by residents of specific properties only. Please do not select these lockers unless you are the stated resident. Ztore is not responsible for failure to pick up by selecting resident only lockers without authority for entrance.
  8. Should any dispute arise, the decision of Ztore HK Limited shall be final.
Should you have any enquiries, please contact our Customer Service Department through phone call (852) 2154-3800, Whatsapp (852) 5336-0757 (Support text message only) or email [email protected].