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Save More
Enjoy the FREE combined delivery with the first order regardless the spending amount*
More Convenient
Orders placed after the first order could deliver together at the chosen delivery time
More Eco-Friendly
Reduce the use of packing materials and lower the carbon footprint of delivery
*Delivery fee will not be refunded for the first order
Combined Delivery Order
Valid order shown under 'Created' status
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Enjoy combined delivery service if order is shown under 'Created' status
Select products and add these into shopping cart
Select 'Combined Order'
You can review the order information under 'Orders and Reviews' after order is placed successfully
'Created' : Order which is eligible for combined delivery
'Confirmed' : NOT eligible for the combined delivery and further changes cannot be made as the order has been processed by warehouse

Terms and Conditions

  1. The combined delivery is only applicable to home delivery orders.
  2. The combined delivery does not apply to the order that includes only pre-sale products or orders with product expiration date before the delivery date.
  3. The delivery information of the new order (including consignee, delivery time, delivery address, special delivery request) of the combined delivery will be based on the previous order.
  4. The delivery charge of combined delivery will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  5. The cut off day of placing the additional order will be adjusted depending on delivery time, order will be processed two to three days before delivery, further notice will not be given if any early arrangement occurs.
  6. The orders in combined delivery cannot be changed once it has confirmed, ALL orders within the combined delivery will be canceled if customers would like to issue any cancellation.
  7. Order discount will be counted individually on each order of the combined delivery, all discounts cannot be used crossly.
  8. Ztore Hong Kong Limited reserves the right for final decision if any dispute arises.
  9. Ztore Hong Kong Limited reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice.