What are the delivery options?

How to qualify for free delivery?

What are the general home delivery time slots?

Where do you deliver?

Is there an additional charge for addresses that require climbing stairs?

How can I select home delivery time slot?

Can I change the delivery address for a confirmed order?

Can I give an ATL (Authority To Leave) for my home delivery to my doorstep security/guard/concierge?

Can my order be delivered to SF Locker within a specific time slot?

Can I pick up my SF Locker or SF Store order as soon as I placed it?

Which lockers are available for selection?

Can I select "Residents Only" lockers?

Can I pick up my locker order 24/7?

What should I do if I am unable to pick up my SF Locker order within the specified period?

What should I do if I have not received / lost my locker password?

Can I pick my preferred time slot for self pick-up?

How long do I have to wait to pick up my order at the chosen self pick-up point?

What are the available pick-up points for Self Pick-up?

Is the self pick-up service available 24/7?

What if I am unable to pick up the order after receipt of the pick-up notification?

What should I do if I have not received the pick-up notification yet?


What are the payment methods available?

Is the payment secure?

Why do I need to enter verification code when checking out with a credit card?

What is my 3-D SECURE password?


How to register?

What should I do if I have multiple Ztore accounts, with the same mobile number?

How can I update my personal data/contact information?

How can I change password?

What can I do if I have forgotten my password?

Can I change my login email once registered?


How can I place a new order?

How can I add an item to the cart?

If I log out without placing an order, will the items in the shopping cart be kept?

How can I check my order status and previous order history?

Can I place an order without registration?

Can I send an order to a different delivery address?


How can I add the products to "My Favourite" list?

How can I search for the products I want?

What if the product I want to buy is out of stock?

How do you ensure quality of products?


What is "Z-Dollar"?

How do I use "Z-Dollar"?

How to check the transaction history and balance of "Z-Dollar"?

How long is the "Z-Dollar" valid for?

Can I transfer "Z-Dollar" to other accounts or redeem it for cash?

Promotions & Promo Codes

What is Promo Code?

How to use Promo Code?

Is there any limitation when using Promo Code?

Is there any expiry period for using Promo Code?

Can a Promo Code be repeatedly used by one account?

Are promotions applicable to infant(stage 1) formula milk powder?


When can I write my review?

How do I review my orders?

Can I not leave any review?

Do I need to fill out reviews for all products on the order?

Can I edit my reviews and ratings?

Why my review is not displayed on the product page immediately after submission?

Why my review is not displayed on the product page?


What browsers does Ztore.com support?

Can Ztore provide an accessible website to the widest possible audience?

Licences & Permits

Licences & Permits