Zmile Club and Rewards

Zmile Club Introduction

Member Privileges

Enjoy our year-round privileges and benefits upon Gold Member!
You can earn Point by every purchase for Z-Dollar rebate & product rewards.


Earn Point from Your Purchase

Extra Point Earning in Selected Promotions
Points As Cash - Z-Dollar Rebate & Product Rewards

How to earn point

8th Member Day

1.5X Point upon $650 Purchase

18th Member Day

3% Z-Dollar Rebate upon $650 Purchase

28th Member Day

Exclusive Member Price
on Selected Products

Level-up Reward

50 Point for Upgrade to Gold

Birthday Gift

1.5X Point on the 1st purchase in your birth month

Upgrade to Gold Member by any single purchase upon $650*, or shopping again within 30 days*

*Limited to Ztore-delivered Home Delivery orders


Earn Point from Your Purchase

1.2X Point All Year Round
Extra Point Earning in Selected Promotions

How to earn point

8th Member Day

2X Point upon $650 Purchase

18th Member Day

5% Z-Dollar Rebate upon $650 Purchase

28th Member Day

Exclusive Member Price
on Selected Products

Level-up Reward

100 Point for Upgrade to Diamond

Birthday Gift

2X Point on the 1st purchase in your birth month


Reserved Delivery Timeslot

Gold Member can upgrade to Diamond by
accumulating 3000 Point

Redeem Reward

Earn Point per each purchase for unlimited Rebates & Freebies redemption

Zmile Club Terms & Conditions


  1. Zmile Club is Ztore Hong Kong Limited's Loyalty Reward Program. Program members are eligible to earn Point rebate for every Ztore-delivered Home Delivery order. Point can be used to redeem rewards. Members can enjoy varying member benefits based on their membership tier.

  2. "Zmile Club Member" refers to Standard, Gold and Diamond Member of Zmile Club.

  3. "Accumulated Point" are the total Point earned in Zmile Club, which can be used for membership tier upgrade from Gold to Diamond.

  4. "Available Point" are the Point earned in Zmile Club, which can be used for reward redemption.

Membership Tier

  1. Zmile Club's membership tier includes: Standard, Gold and Diamond Member. Membership tier can only be upgraded/downgraded tier by tier.

  2. Only Ztore-delivered Home Delivery orders are considered for membership upgrade criteria and Point calculation (Merchant Delivery orders are excluded).

  3. Conditions for upgrade to Gold membership:

    1. Purchase again within 30 days (not eligible for Combined Delivery), OR:
    2. Single spending upon $650:
      1. Calculation based on bill amount (after discount and Z-Dollar used);
      2. Orders selected combined delivery service with the same delivery time slot are also considered, rank update date will be counted as the order date with total bill amount $650.

  4. Condition for upgrade to Diamond membership: Gold members that reach 3,000 Accumulated Point (calculation includes Point used on Reward Redemption). Newly upgraded Diamond members are rewarded 100 Point. Once a Diamond member is downgraded to Gold rank, the Accumulated Point required for upgrade will be cleared and calculated again.
  5. Different membership tiers have different validity periods.

    1. Standard Member: The membership is permanent.
    2. Gold Member: No Ztore-delivered Home Delivery purchase within the next 3 months from your last transaction at Ztore, your membership will be downgraded to Standard Member.
    3. Diamond Member: No Ztore-delivered Home Delivery purchase of over $650 within the next 6 months from your last transaction at Ztore, your membership will be downgraded to Gold Member.
      1. Single bill amount (after discount and Z-Dollar used) of over $650.

  6. Membership upgrade/ downgrade is automatically handled by the system and based on user account's Accumulated Point as well as validity period. The updated membership status is shown in "Account Overview". Members cannot choose to be upgraded or downgraded.

  7. The condition for upgrade to Gold Membership is revised and effective on 30th September 2020 till further notice.


  1. Members must be logged in to his/her Zmile Club account during purchase to earn rewards and Point.

  2. Only Gold or Diamond memberships are eligible to earn Point via purchase. Point can be earned in correspondence to Ztore-delivered Home Delivery purchase above specified amount.

  3. Gold member can start earning Point from the first valid order after successful upgrade.

  4. Point calculation is based on after-discount / -Z-Dollar used & after-delivery-fee product subtotal amount.

  5. If an order is voided/cancelled, Point earned in that order will be deducted.

  6. Upon completing a purchase, Available Point will be valid for 6 months. Valid period of Point ends on the last day of the 7th month. If you make another purchase (Ztore-delivered Home Delivery Orders only) within the valid period, all Available Point in your account will be automatically extended by 6 months.

  7. Point will be rounded to the nearest integer.

  8. Under normal circumstances, Point will be instantly rewarded after order confirmation. Members can access their Point record in "My Z-Dollar & Point".

  9. Point are non-transferable, non-divisible and Point stored in different accounts cannot be combined or used together.

  10. Point record of Ztore shall prevail. Ztore does not accept any claim for missing Point after transaction.

  11. Zmile Club does not take responsibility for any loss in Point due to technical or system issues.

  12. Point are not redeemable for cash.

  13. Point earned may vary, subjected to different promotions.

  14. Available Point are not affected by Membership Tier. Members of any membership tier can use Available Point in their account to redeem member rewards.

Member privileges

  1. Earn Point from Your Purchase:

    1. Member Extra Point Earning Zone:
      1. Members can earn extra points with purchasing products featured in Zmile Club Extra Point Earning Zone in selected promotions.
      2. Extra Point earning and calculation for each selected product will be displayed on product.
      3. Upon order cancellation/voiding, the corresponding Point will be deducted.
  2. Level-up Reward:

    1. Level-up reward will only be given during membership upgrade; but not for downgrade.
  3. Member Day Offer:

    1. 8th
      1. The promotion is valid on 8th every month from 00:00-23:59 and valid for Ztore-delivered Home Delivery orders only.
      2. Point calculation by order bill amount.
      3. Not applicable for Birthday Reward.
    2. 18th
      1. The promotion is valid on 18th every month from 00:00 - 23:59.
      2. The promotion is valid for Ztore-delivered Home Delivery orders only with a single transaction amount of HK$650 or above (before discounts).
      3. The Promo Code is valid for limited user rank only and each account can at most enjoy it once.
      4. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with other Promo Code, cash vouchers or discounts.
    3. 28th
      1. The promotion is valid on 28th every month from 00:00 - 23:59.
      2. Proudcts with member price are available while stock lasts.
      3. Products price are subject to product page on Ztore.
  4. Birthday Reward:

    1. Members must provide birthday information to enjoy the birthday reward; birthday reward is eligible for the member's first purchase within his/her birthday month.
    2. A maximum of 1,000 bonus Point can be gained as Birthday Reward.
    3. Upon order cancellation, Point earned from the order will be deducted and the birthday reward will not be compensated.
    4. If the member has placed the first order in his/her birthday month prior to membership upgrade, no additional birthday reward will be given.
  5. Reward Redemption:

    1. Each redemption will deduct Point by the corresponding amount. Upon redemption, the reward cannot be cancelled or converted back to Point.
    2. Upon successful redemption, the reward will be added to the member's account; for product redemption, the product will be delivered together with the order placed (if the order only includes pre-sales items, the product reward will be delivered in the next order).
    3. All product rewards will be effective on the day of redemption. Please refer to Reward Terms & Conditions for validity.
    4. If the product is out-of-stock within redemption period, the redemption will be cancelled; equivalent Point will be compensated to the member's account in 24 hours automatically.
    5. Each member is eligible to redeem each product once, while Z-Dollar rebate reward has no redemption limit.
    6. Upon order cancellation/voiding, the corresponding product reward/Point will not be compensated.
  6. Priority Delivery Time:

    1. Priority Delivery Time is reserved for Diamond Members while quota lasts
  7. All member rewards/products are neither cancellable or redeemable for cash/Z-Dollar.

  8. Member privileges and rewards cannot be shared with other accounts.


  1. Reminders of member benefits and promotions will be sent to members via email, SMS, WhatsApp or Ztore website notification. Members should provide valid email address and mobile phone number to avoid missing out on important notices.

  2. Ztore is not responsible for any case of undelivered email messages or notifications.

  3. Ztore has the absolute discretion to refuse and/or revoke the registration of any applicant and terminate and/or cancel the registration of such applicant for any reason whatsoever. In the event a membership is terminated by us for any reason(s), related Point, birthday rewards, Promo Codes, and Z-Dollar will also be forfeited immediately.

  4. All amounts are calculated in Hong Kong Dollar ($).

  5. Zmile Club may revise these terms and conditions from time to time by updating this posting. The revised terms will take effect when they are posted.

  6. This Reward Program is effective from 12:00 20th May 2020 till further notice.

  7. Should any dispute arise, the decision of Ztore HK Limited shall be final.

  8. In case of discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall apply and prevail.

    If you have any comment of Zmile Club, please feel free to email to [email protected] or WhatsApp (852) 5336 0757.