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Zmile Club and Rewards

About Zmile Club Membership Program

What is Zmile Club?
Zmile Club is the membership scheme (loyalty program) of Members can earn Point every time they make Home Delivery purchases. Point can be used to redeem rewards. Higher tiers of membership enjoy better privileges and rewards
How many tiers in the Zmile Club membership?
There are totally 3 tiers in Zmile Club Membership, namely, Standard Member, Gold Member and Diamond Member.
How can I apply as Zmile Club Standard Member?
Application is not required. As long as you register and subscribe to Ztore, you are enrolled as a Standard Member, with 20 Point welcoming reward.
How can I apply as Zmile Club Gold Member?
Standard members can be upgraded to Gold Member by either one of the below ways:
(i) place next order within 30 days at Ztore OR;
(ii) single order upon $650 bill amount (after discount and Z-Dollar used) OR;
(iii) spending upon $650 bill amount with the same combined delivery time slot.

Upon successful upgrade, 50 Point upgrade reward will be given.

Condition (iii) is effective from 30 September 2020 00:00 till further notice.
How can I apply as Zmile Club Diamond Member?
Gold members that reach 3,000 Accumulated Point within 6 months.
Upon successful upgrade, 100 Point upgrade reward will be given.
If a Diamond member is downgraded, the Accumulated Point required for upgrade will be cleared and calculated again.
Is Zmile Club applicable to all orders placed in Ztore?
No, only Home Delivery order with purchase upon $499 will be considered for the whole membership program.
What kind of benefits are offered in different tiers of Membership?
Higher tiers membership can earn more Point from each purchase. For details please refer to Zmile Club Introduction.
Will my Zmile Club membership expire?
Standard Member: The membership is permanent.
Gold Member: If there is no Home Delivery purchase within the next 3 months since your last transaction at Ztore, your membership will be downgraded to Standard Member. Your Accumulated Point will not be affected.
Diamond Member:
If there is no any single Home Delivery purchase above bill amount $650 within the next 6 months since your last transaction at Ztore, your membership will be downgraded to Gold Member. Your Accumulated Point will expire and will be forfeited thereafter.
How can I check my Membership expiration date?
You can check the expiration date at "Account Overview".
Can a Standard Member be upgraded to a Diamond Member directly?
Sorry. Members must be upgraded tier by tier.

About the Point

What are the differences between Accumulated Point and Available Point?
When you make a home delivery order with a purchase upon $499, you can earn the same amount of Accumulated Point and Available Point. Accumulated Point are used for membership upgrade; while Available Point can be used as reward redemption.
Will my Zmile Club tier be 'downgraded' when I redeem my Available Point?
Only Available Point will be deducted during reward redemption, it does not impact Accumulated Point nor Zmile Club tier progress or qualification.
How to earn more Point?
Single Purchase* Standard Member Gold Member Diamond Member
$499.00 - $649.99 Not Available $1 Spent = 0.3 Point $1 Spent = 0.6 Point
$650.00 or above $1 Spent = 0.9 Point $1 Spent = 1.2 Point

*Home delivery order only
*Point calculation is based on product subtotal amount (after discount, Z-Dollar used & delivery fee)
Can I earn Point from Combined Delivery Order?
Yes, you can. The new order added to the original delivery time is valid to earn Point by:
Total amount* Sales Amount of the new order Gold Member Diamond Member Standard Member
$650.00 or above Any amount $1 Spent = 0.9 Point $1 Spent = 1.2 Point N/A
Below $650.00 $499.00 - $649.99 $1 Spent = 0.3 Point $1 Spent = 0.6 Point
Below $499 N/A N/A

*Total product subtotal of all orders with combined delivery (including the first order and all new orders with the same delivery timeslot), after discount, Z-Dollar used & delivery fee.

This Point Calculation is applied to the newly-added order only, the previous orders with combined delivery service will not be compensated by Point regardless the spending amount.
This Point Calculation for new order with combined delivery is effective from 9 September 2020 17:00 till further notice.
Can Standard Members earn Point?
Sorry, only Gold or above membership are eligible to earn Point.
How do I check my Point balance and record?
To view your Point balance online, simply log on to "My Account"
Click on "My Z-Dollar & Point".
From there you will be able to see your Available Point.
You may view your Point balance, Point activity and redemption history.
Any expiry date for the Available Point?
Upon making a transaction, Available Point are valid for 6 months. The Point validity period ends on the last day of the 7th month.
(i.e. last purchase on 24 Feb 2020 - All Available Point will be valid until 31 Aug 2020)
If you make another Home Delivery purchase during the validity period, all Available Point will extend by six months.
When will the Point be credited to my membership account?
Point will be credited to your membership account instantly after order confirmation, where the same date is equivalent to the Point effective date.
Can I transfer my Point and rewards to other accounts?
Sorry, Point and rewards are confined within your account and they are not transferable or assignable to others.
Does the spending criteria for earning Zmiles refer to bill amount after discount?
Yes. Point calculation is based on product subtotal amount after discount, Z-Dollar used and delivery fee.
Will I be notified if my Point are expiring soon due to inactivity?
Yes, you will receive an email and SMS notification from Ztore 1 month and 7 days before Point expiration.

About Reward Redemption

How can I redeem the rewards?
After log into your account, you can choose a suitable product or Z-Dollar rebate reward from "Zmile Club and Rewards" > "Reward Redemption". Click "Redeem now" to redeem the reward with your Point.
Is there a limitation in redeeming Z-Dollar rebate reward?
There is no limitation in redeeming Z-Dollar rebate reward, you can redeem it with Available Point anytime; while Product redemption is limited to once only.
What is "Z-Dollar Rebate"?
You can use Z-Dollar to replace cash payment at Ztore. (1 Z-Dollar = HK$1) However, the maximum Z-Dollar can be used is 50% of total order amount.
Any expiry date for the redeemed Z-Dollar rebate reward?
Z-Dollar will expire one year after your last redemption date.
How to collect the product reward after redemption?
Redeemed products will be directly added to your shopping cart and will be delivered along with your next purchase. Upon order cancellation/voiding, redeemed products or Point will not be compensated.
Any expiry date for product redemption?
Yes. Redeemed products are effective immediately and the expiry date of the redemption period will be stated under Rewards Terms and Conditions during redemption, and "My Unused Rewards" after redemption. If you have not collected the product during the redemption period, the redemption will be cancelled and the equivalent Point will NOT be returned.
What happens if the product is out of stock during the effective period?
If the product is out-of-stock within redemption period, the redemption will be cancelled and the equivalent Point will be returned to the member's account in 24 hours automatically. Expiration of the Point remains the same. For details, please check "My Z-Dollar & Point".
Can I change my redeemed rewards?
Each redemption deducts the corresponding required Point. Upon redemption, the reward cannot be cancelled or compensated as Point.
If I am downgraded to Standard Member, can I still use my Available Point to redeem rewards?
Any membership downgrading will not affect your earned Available Point, you can still redeem any rewards.
What is the reward of Zmile Club Member Day?
Zmile Club Member Day will be held on 8th of each month. Each month’s special offer will be notified via Ztore emails and SMS. Details are also available at the corresponding event page.
What can I enjoy in my Birthday month?
Gold Member: Gain x1.5 extra Point reward for the 1st order in your birthday month (Cap: 1, 000 Point)
Diamond Member: Gain x2 extra Point reward for the 1st order in your birthday month (Cap: 1, 000 Point)
Why can't I enjoy my Birthday reward?
Birthday rewards may be invalid due to the following reason:
(1) Members must provide birthday information upon registration to enjoy the birthday reward; birthday reward is eligible for the member's first purchase within his/her birthday month;
(2) If the member has placed the first order in his/her birthday month prior to membership upgrade, no additional birthday reward will be given;
(3) Upon order cancellation, Point earned from the order will be deducted and the birthday reward will not be compensated
Can I enjoy Upgrade reward upon Membership downgrade?
No, Upgrade rewards are only available upon successful membership upgrade. No reward will be given upon downgrading.
What is Priority Delivery Time?
Priority Delivery Time is Diamond members’ dedicated privilege. Specific delivery time is reserved for Diamond members, while quota lasts.

About the Transaction of Past and New Zmile Club

What is the difference between the past and new version Zmile Club?
The new Zmile Club makes your every purchase in Ztore more valuable. Upon eligible purchase in the new Zmile Club, Point will be rewarded.
Point can be used to redeem rewards, as well as exciting member privileges.
How will my existing Zmiles be handled?
Zmiles will be invalid in the new Zmile Club.
If you are a Silver or above member under the previous Zmile Club. Zmiles in your account will be fully converted to Point, under the ratio of 1 Zmile = 0.3 Point. (i.e. 50 Zmiles = 15 Point)
What will happen to my previous Zmile Club Membership tiers?
Silver or above members in the previous Zmile Club will be converted to Gold members in the new Zmile Club; 50 Point will be given as Upgrade reward.
Membership tier for Standard members in previous Zmile Club will remain unchanged.
What happened to my unused coupon and redeemed products?
The remaining reward redemption quota will be expired by the time of Zmile Club revamp.
I have further questions about Zmile Club. Whom can I contact?
If you have questions or comments regarding Zmile Club, you may contact us through email: or WhatsApp us at (852) 5336 0757.