Zmile Club and Rewards

About Zmile Club Membership Program

What is Zmile Club?

How many tiers in the Zmile Club membership?

How can I apply as Zmile Club Standard Member?

How can I apply as Zmile Club Gold Member?

How can I apply as Zmile Club Diamond Member?

Is Zmile Club applicable to all orders placed in Ztore?

What kind of benefits are offered in different tiers of Membership?

Will my Zmile Club membership expire?

How can I check my Membership expiration date?

Can a Standard Member be upgraded to a Diamond Member directly?

About the Point

What are the differences between Accumulated Point and Available Point?

Will my Zmile Club tier be 'downgraded' when I redeem my Available Point?

How to earn more Point?

Can I earn Point from Combined Delivery Order?

Can Standard Members earn Point?

How do I check my Point balance and record?

Any expiry date for the Available Point?

When will the Point be credited to my membership account?

Can I transfer my Point and rewards to other accounts?

Does the spending criteria for earning Zmiles refer to bill amount after discount?

Will I be notified if my Point are expiring soon due to inactivity?

About Reward Redemption

How can I redeem the rewards?

Is there a limitation in redeeming Z-Dollar rebate reward?

What is "Z-Dollar Rebate"?

Any expiry date for the redeemed Z-Dollar rebate reward?

How to collect the product reward after redemption?

Any expiry date for product redemption?

What happens if the product is out of stock during the effective period?

Can I change my redeemed rewards?

If I am downgraded to Standard Member, can I still use my Available Point to redeem rewards?

What is the reward of Zmile Club Member Day?

What can I enjoy in my Birthday month?

Why can't I enjoy my Birthday reward?

Can I enjoy Upgrade reward upon Membership downgrade?

What is Priority Delivery Time?